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City of Gresham

The City of Gresham is the fourth largest city in Oregon and makes up the majority of East Multnomah County.  The city has a population of 110,042 and 64,461 registered voters. 34.3% percent of the population are people of color: 19.4% are Latinx, 5.8% identify as two or more races, 4.9% are black, 4.1% are Asian, 0.7% are Native American, 0.7% are Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and 0.2% are listed as “some other race.”  The median age is 35.2 and the median household income is $49,866, while the median per capita income (over 12 months in 2016 dollars) is $22,976. The median gross monthly rent is $958. Although the city is mainly progressive, young, diverse, and of modest means, their elected officials’ backgrounds and politics would suggest otherwise.


The City Council consists of seven members, including the Council President and Mayor. The seven council members include three Democrats, two women, two people of color.

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