East County Rising Candidate Endorsement Form 

Dear Candidates, 


Thank you for your interest in East County Rising’s endorsement process! East County Rising (ECR) is a progressive community based political action committee that focuses on work directly affecting East Multnomah County (east of 82nd Avenue). This document provides an overview of East County Rising, our priorities, our endorsement process, and a required candidate questionnaire and survey due January 15th, 2020, by 6pm. 


Please read through this document and complete the Candidate Survey and Questionnaire found at the end of this packet. Please also complete the Candidate Endorsement Interview Request Form to schedule an in-person interview with East County Rising’s endorsement committee. 



Any candidate that has jurisdiction in Multnomah County east of 82nd Avenue (“East County”) is welcome to participate in the 2-step process through which East County Rising vets potential endorsees:

  1. A written questionnaire and survey

  2. An in-person interview with the East County Rising endorsement committee

We will consider your policy vision & platform, as well as your questionnaire responses and interview with East County Rising board & staff members, your understanding of East County Rising’s mission, and your voting and professional record in determining whether to endorse you.



Our process timeline will be as follows:

  • December 20th, 2020 -- Candidate Endorsement process opens

  • January 15th, 2020 -- Deadline to submit Candidate Questionnaires & Survey and Interview Request Form

  • January 29th-February 1st, February 3rd-5th , 2020 -- In-person candidate interviews with East County Rising board and staff members

    • Please complete the Candidate Endorsement Interview Request Form to request an interview

    • Upon receipt of this form, we will follow up with you to schedule interview appointments

  • February 15th, 2020 -- East County Rising announces its candidate endorsements for the May 2020 Primary Election

For more information, please contact rachel@eastcountyrising.com or (503) 319-6154.




East County Rising 


Our Goals

Our goal is to transform East Multnomah County. We work to achieve that goal by educating and mobilizing voters, training progressive candidates, and working with elected officials to pass meaningful policy that improves East County.  And East County Rising provides community and electoral organizing opportunities for residents to partake in issue-based electoral and campaign work. 


Brief History of Our Organization

East County Rising began in Spring 2018 with the purpose of elevating the values and priorities of residents in East County. Since then we have expanded into a membership-driven organization with over 100 dues-paying members whose collective organizing success has made waves across their community.


Our campaigns are based on traditional field organizing tactics, relational outreach, and targeted communications. But unlike traditional mainstream organizations, we recognize that in order to create real lasting change that puts actual resources into our neighborhoods, we have to change policy priorities and in many cases,  policy makers. And that means we work to mobilize and uplift historically marginalized, and chronic low-propensity voters, so all voices are heard. And we are succeeding. 


In November 2018, we managed two exciting, successful Gresham City Council campaigns that re-elected Councilor Mario Palmero and elected a  new Councilor, Eddy Morales. We were able to mobilize thousands of first-time and inactive voters, who felt inspired and excited to support younger, progressive, and diverse leadership for their city. 


Below are our accomplishments from July 2018 to today.

  • 2018 Midterm Election

    • Knocked on over 15,000 doors

    • Texted over 17,000 voters

    • Called over 4,000 voters

    • Mobilized a historic number of voters in East County, 

    • Coordinated two successful Gresham City Council campaigns: 

      • Councilor Eddy Morales (campaign included a ballot chase that secured a win for Eddy after an incredibly close race and recount)

      • Councilor Mario Palmero

    • Assisted eight other candidates in their campaign efforts:

      • Congressman Earl Blumenauer 

      • Governor Kate Brown

      • State Representative Chris Gorsek

      • State Representative Carla Piluso

      • State Representative Anna Williams

      • State Representative Janelle Bynum

      • State Representative Diego Hernandez

      • State Senate candidate Crissy Reitz 

    • Assisted in five successful ballot measure initiatives: 

      • Measure 102 to support affordable housing

      • Measure 103 and stopped special interests from writing a permanent loophole in our state constitution

      • Measure 104 and averted permanent legislative gridlock

      • Measure 105 and protected Oregon’s anti-racial profiling law

      • Measure 106 and thwarted a backdoor abortion ban 

After this wave of victories, we kept our momentum going by setting our sights on East County school board races for Gresham-Barlow, Reynolds, Centennial, David Douglas, and Mt. Hood Community College school districts in the 2019 May Election. We made a commitment to support primarily candidates of color, young candidates, and women, and provided them with the tools and technical support to run successful campaigns. 

  • 2019 May Special Election 

    • Assisted 11 candidates (10 of whom won!) in school board campaigns in 5 districts 

      • Ana Gonzalez Muñoz, Reynolds School Board

      • Ricki Ruiz, Reynolds School Board

      • Yesenia Delgado, Reynolds School Board 

      • Sumitra Chhetri, Centennial School Board

      • Sahar Yarjani Muranovic, David Douglas School Board

      • Dr. Mayra Gómez, Gresham-Barlow School Board

      • Amanda Orozco-Beach, Gresham-Barlow School Board

      • Courtney Helstein, Mt. Hood Community College

      • Dr. LaVerne Lewis, Mt. Hood Community College

      • Kenney Polson, Mt. Hood Community College

      • Andrew Speer, Mt. Hood Community College


Most recently, we were invited to work with the coalition to renew Metro’s Nature for All Bond, which brought together diverse community groups from across the Metro area, with the common goal of promoting equitable parks policy. East County Rising knocked on nearly 1,000 doors in just two weekends for the bond and our efforts helped secure half a billion dollars for parks in the Metro area. 

  • 2019 November Special Election

    • Measure 26-203 Nature for All

      • Knocked nearly 1,000 doors

      • Help create an equitable campaign culture centered around supporting and representing the interests of our most vulnerable communities.


Our Approach to Grassroots Campaigning

Our goal is to energize, engage, and elevate East County residents and raise awareness of issues that affect our whole community; show community members why and how to get involved in local politics; and organize to improve the lives of historically-underrepresented people in East County. 

Policy and Priorities for East County Rising

  • Affordable housing

  • Parks and recreation

  • Healthcare and reproductive justice

  • Transportation equity 

  • Renters’ rights

  • Workers’ rights

  • Climate Action/Climate Justice

  • Equity and Civil Rights for All

  • Criminal Justice Reform

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